LV Desk Agenda Setup

This is the black plastic I slide into the back cover, along with the 1 inch gold discs

Hi. As many of you already know (if you follow me on Instagram) that I absolutely Love my Louis Vuitton Desk Agenda. It is my favorite agenda/planner out of all the planners I own. I also own the Louis Vuitton GM, MM and PM. But my desk agenda is my absolute favorite. I love that it doesn't have rings so you can use it as a notebook holder or an agenda with discs. Currently I am using 1 inch gold Levenger discs in it but you can find more affordable discs at Staples. I want to move up to 1.5 inch discs because I can't fit anything else in my 1 inch discs at the moment. I use a plastic cover that I cut down to size and hole punched to insert in the back pocket of my desk agenda. On the front cover I have some leather stickers of my initials that I got a while back from Fossil. I use my desk agenda for everything. I used to use my LV GM for Minted Sugar and my desk agenda as my home/personal planner but I condensed both into my desk agenda. I do however use my LV MM as my financial planner but would like to put it into my desk agenda eventually (if all the inserts fit)

Personalized dashboard in grey and Planner card

When I open up my desk agenda, there is one of our planner cards from our planner card set that reads HUSTLE HARD girl. I also have a personalized dashboard from our shop in grey. I have an old laminated blush pink planner pocket that we no longer carry. I have our current monthly Mantra and Quote, both in light blush pink. Then I have my Wheel of Life insert along with a Table of Contents for my sections/dividers. I am currently using our all black non laminated dividers in both side tabs and top tabs.