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LV Desk Agenda Setup

This is the black plastic I slide into the back cover, along with the 1 inch gold discs

Hi. As many of you already know (if you follow me on Instagram) that I absolutely Love my Louis Vuitton Desk Agenda. It is my favorite agenda/planner out of all the planners I own. I also own the Louis Vuitton GM, MM and PM. But my desk agenda is my absolute favorite. I love that it doesn't have rings so you can use it as a notebook holder or an agenda with discs. Currently I am using 1 inch gold Levenger discs in it but you can find more affordable discs at Staples. I want to move up to 1.5 inch discs because I can't fit anything else in my 1 inch discs at the moment. I use a plastic cover that I cut down to size and hole punched to insert in the back pocket of my desk agenda. On the front cover I have some leather stickers of my initials that I got a while back from Fossil. I use my desk agenda for everything. I used to use my LV GM for Minted Sugar and my desk agenda as my home/personal planner but I condensed both into my desk agenda. I do however use my LV MM as my financial planner but would like to put it into my desk agenda eventually (if all the inserts fit)

Personalized dashboard in grey and Planner card

When I open up my desk agenda, there is one of our planner cards from our planner card set that reads HUSTLE HARD girl. I also have a personalized dashboard from our shop in grey. I have an old laminated blush pink planner pocket that we no longer carry. I have our current monthly Mantra and Quote, both in light blush pink. Then I have my Wheel of Life insert along with a Table of Contents for my sections/dividers. I am currently using our all black non laminated dividers in both side tabs and top tabs.

The first side tab divider is my Schedule section. Here I have our Monthly/Weekly detailed inserts in marble. I only keep 1 month at a time in my agenda (because I really don't need any more months in there and like I said earlier, nothing else fits in my current discs) At the beginning of every week I have our Routine Notepad in the hole punched option in Blush Pink. The first top tab divider is my To Do/Notes section. Here I have my kids' school calendar along with weekly routines, a list of books I want to read and 5 sheets of our Minimalist Notepad, hole punched in blush pink for to do lists.

The second side tab divider is my Health/Nutrition/Fitness section. Here I have a copy of my workout schedule, some information on macronutrients, a list of pantry essentials, a list of foods I want to try making, a go-to breakfast, lunch, dinner, sides and snacks list, and my meal plan for the week using our Meal Plan inserts. The second top tab divider is my Beauty/Skincare section. I don't have much in this section yet except for a list of beauty procedures (facials, scar treatments, etc), a list of beauty essentials and a list of beauty brands I love. I'm thinking of making some beauty and skincare inserts for myself and the shop.

The third divider is my Home section. Here I just have notepaper. But I envision this section to turn into everything home decor/upgrade. With mood boards with styles and colors to use for each room in our home. I want to create a wishlist using our Wishlist inserts for every room and start getting things done around our house.

The fourth divider is my Minted Sugar Business section. Here I have our Month on 2 Pages inserts in marble. I like to keep the month view of my business and personal life separate since the little boxes can get pretty full really quick and I like knowing exactly what is happening when in my business and personal life without having to color code things and make it confusing. The weekly inserts I use in my first section is for both personal and business. That is because the weekly inserts have a lot more space and I draw a line down the inserts to separate the two. Plus since I write down everything that has to be done in my monthly view and put it into a to do list on a daily basis, I don't need a whole set of weekly inserts just for the business. In the monthly inserts I write in what sales we have have coming up, what products we're launching, what blog posts I need to work on, what supplies I need to order and when, etc. In the Notes page behind every month I write down the businesses top 3 goals for the month, the promos and lists of new product and blog ideas. The third top tab divider is my To Do and Notes section for the business. Here I have routines, content ideas, goals, new product ideas, promo ideas, etc. And a few sheets from our Minimalist Notepad hole punched in marble.

The fifth divider is my Casa De Belen business tab. So my husband and I want to start a second business. We're both Mexican and I absolutely love Mexican home decor, candy, memes, shirts, pretty much anything. This is still very new and the only thing I've come up with is the name. My middle name is Belen after my grandma so I liked the idea of including that in our business name. In this section I just have some blank note pages for now. I intend to make a mood board of items I'd like to make/sell. And start planning the details of it. To be honest, we thought of this idea about 2 years ago and haven't had much time to work on it.

The sixth divider and last top tab divider is my Finances sections. It's blank right now. lIke I said, nothing else fits in my agenda so when I get larger discs I'm thinking of moving over my finances to this agenda and keep my LV MM as my small finance planner. For example when I go Christmas shopping or home decor shopping or need to have a meeting with my husband about finances then that is the planner I will take with me to the store/meeting instead of hauling around my desk agenda.

Well that's it. That is my desk agenda. Hope you enjoyed reading this and found it useful/helpful. I personally love the size of this agenda the most out of all my other ones. I use all half letter inserts in it and love how much space I have to write. And I also love the discs instead of rings. They're so easy to pull pages out and put them back in without having to worry that I might mess up the discs. I know if I had this much paper in my LV GM the discs would probably not close properly and be ruined and the pages wouldn't be easy to turn.

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