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How I use my Louis Vuitton MM Agenda as my financial planner

Hi everyone! I just wanted to write a short post on how I have my LV MM agenda set up as my financial planner.

I am currently using our black non laminated 6 side tab dividers in Personal size

I have a personalized non laminated dashboard that reads 2019

followed by our old marble laminated planner pocket (no longer available) and a burgundy non laminated planner pocket (coming soon to the shop)

The first tab has our 2019 monthly inserts with page break I use these to have a visual calendar of when and what days our bills land on. On the notes section behind each monthly spread I write in things thats are due/coming up that month but that aren't necessarily a bill/expense that happens every month. For example, trips, birthdays, hair appointments, anniversaries etc.

The second tab has our new monthly expenses inserts in which I write all the bills due that month So first tab has them in calendar form and second tab has them in list form.

I also use our new password inserts to have all of my passwords that are financial related in one place

The third tab has regular notepaper that I titled 'pending' up on top and write down anything that is pending to our bank account. We only use one bank account at the moment and have 2 credit cards. One for emergencies and one for business expenses. So I don't have to keep track of pending transactions on those two because my husband handles the business expenses and we don't use our emergency credit card. At the end of the day I go in and write down anything we spent for the day on our bank account that hasn't gone through yet so that when it does go through its on that list and its accounted for and I can cross it off (thinking of making "Pending" inserts for these transactions) I also keep some administrative lined notepaper in this section for when I do detailed finances (which is weekly) I just circle the month, day and date.

The fourth tab has our new Online Orders inserts and Wishlist inserts along with some lined paper with some financial goals lists and house upgrade projects.

The fifth tab is just blank lined paper for any notes I need to make

Lastly, the sixth tab has clear card holders for gift cards and a zip pouch for coupons or receipts.

Do you have a financial planner? If so, what are the categories you have in it?

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