How I use my Louis Vuitton MM Agenda as my financial planner

Hi everyone! I just wanted to write a short post on how I have my LV MM agenda set up as my financial planner.

I am currently using our black non laminated 6 side tab dividers in Personal size

I have a personalized non laminated dashboard that reads 2019

followed by our old marble laminated planner pocket (no longer available) and a burgundy non laminated planner pocket (coming soon to the shop)

The first tab has our 2019 monthly inserts with page break I use these to have a visual calendar of when and what days our bills land on. On the notes section behind each monthly spread I write in things thats are due/coming up that month but that aren't necessarily a bill/expense that happens every month. For example, trips, birthdays, hair appointments, anniversaries etc.

The second tab has our new monthly expenses inserts in which I write all the bills due that month So first tab has them in calendar form and second tab has them in list form.