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The Planner sizes I use and why

Hi everyone!! Welcome to the last Blog Post of the year!

I'm going to explain what size planners I use and why. I own a planner in every size but only use my Louis Vuitton Desk Agenda which is Half Letter and doesn't have rings, it uses discs. And I use my Louis Vuitton MM agenda which is equivalent to Personal size.

I use my Desk Agenda as my Personal and Business Planner. I used to use my Desk Agenda as my Personal Planner and my Louis Vuitton GM (equivalent to A5) as my Business Planner but I condensed them into the same planner (Desk Agenda) so that I wouldn't have so many planners to set up/carry around. I use my Personal planner as my Financial Planner.

My personal favorite is my Desk Agenda/Half Letter. I love the space I have to write and I love using discs instead of rings. I love how easy it is to take pages out/put pages in without having to open and close rings. It's perfect for on the go note taking and its the perfect size to be used as a main planner. For some reason I feel like A5 is too bulky even though it's almost the same size as Half Letter,

My second favorite is Personal size. I use this planner to display all of our products in our website pictures. It's small enough to show both pages in pictures but not too small. I love using this as my financial planner because it's the perfect size to carry with me in my purse when I go shopping. But I feel like it's too small to use as my main personal/business planner and actually plan in it. When I did use it as my main planner, I couldn't write on the left page without having to take it out of the rings which was so tedious.

I've never used a Pocket size planner before. I own one because we sell Pocket size items and wanted to have it as reference but have never actually used it. I'm amazed by people who are able to use this as their main planner. I don't think I'd ever be able to. It's too small for my writing.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I will explain how I have both my Half Letter and Personal size planners set up and which of our products I use in them.



Left to right: Half Letter, A5, Personal, Personal and Pocket

Half Letter Desk Agenda




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