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Minted Sugar Office

Hi Everyone!!

Just wanted to post a few pictures of the Minted Sugar office/work space. I work from home so this space was originally our kids playroom. Once I started Minted Sugar in 2014 we turned this space into a shared office for my husband and I. I've always been a clean/organized freak so my side always looked presentable but my husband's was not picture perfect. With the business growing and us making everything from home (designing, printing, cutting, hole punching, packaging) we decided to part ways (office wise) and he turned the room next to my office into his office. We painted his office navy blue and loved how it turned out. I'm a fan of pink and green palm tree vibes like old Hollywood/The Beverly Hills Hotel. So we painted my office light pink including the ceiling. At first, during the painting process I kept thinking "OMG I'm not going to like it, we're going to have to paint it right away or add a black accent wall to break up all the pink" But once it was all done and I got to set everything up, I ended up loving it! It doesn't look like a baby girl's room at all and the pink is actually very subtle.

Its taken years of buying/getting rid of things/organizing/reorganizing to have the set up that I have now. When I first started Minted Sugar, I would buy anything and everything office/home decor. I ended up with a lot of different styles and colors and my office didn't flow. It was really hard to make it look nice because I just had too much. One day during our Sunday cleaning (Sunday is our family cleaning day) I noticed that it was taking me a very long time cleaning/dusting my office that I decided I had to de-stash. I had a million dollar spot sticky notes that didn't stick and dollar spot pens that didn't even write that I had to get rid of and I did.....after about 15 de-stash sessions. Every time I decluttered my office, I was left with a pile of stationery/office decor items that I spent way too much money on, never used and never should have bought. It would fill me with anxiety and it was not a pretty feeling. So i decided to not buy anymore stationery items unless I needed it (running out of pens or sticky notes or burning through my favorite candle) And surprise surprise, its been about 2 1/2 years and I haven't had to buy anything. I just recently bought a whatever pen at target because my favorite gel pen ran out. The pen I bought came as a 2 pack so I gave the second one to my husband. As far as office decor goes (desk, book cases, office chair, etc) my husband gave me a rule: I have to keep something for at least 2 years before I can replace it. Its been over 2 years and I haven't felt the need to replace any of it. When you shift your focus to other things its hard to go back to old focuses. For example, I used to always search for office desks because I didn't care for mine, then my chair came out in black and I wanted it then I wanted a glass top desk. When my husband gave me the 2 year rule I knew I couldn't buy another desk and hide it from him as easily as a new set of sticky notes, so I stopped looking. Now that I know I can replace my desk because over 2 years have passed, I've seen the amount of money I've saved and put towards other more important things by not buying any of these things anymore and I like that feeling more than getting a new desk. My desk has scratches on top but it still functions and it still looks nice so thats enough for me. I now look up office decor posts or pins on Pinterest when I'm tired of my set up and rearrange things using what I already have instead of buying new items. So with that said, all the things in these pictures are over 2 years old so they might not be available in stores anymore except for the Ikea desk and bookcases.

In my office I have my desk facing the street for natural lighting. Covering the widow are these beautiful banana leaf curtains my mom made for me. The white desk is from Ikea. It came separate, meaning you can choose the desk top, legs or drawers in the different sizes/colors they have available. It used to only be the white desk top with 4 black legs but when my husband and I shared an office I needed extra storage so I replaced one of the legs with the white drawer set. The white and brass chair is from Shop Rachel George. The copper and marble table lamp is from Target.

Next to my desk on the left side I have a black shelf unit from Ikea with some books and decor. Next to that I have a stack of books that I've read/want to read.

On the right side of my desk I have a black Ikea bookcase. I purchased doors/drawers for 3 of the openings to keep non display things hidden. One of those is my snack drawer : ) I bought the brass pineapple doorknobs from H&M.

Then there's a window next to that bookcase and on the other end of the window is another bookcase where I keep barware.

Then on the wall opposite of my desk, I have a brass bar cart from Target with a record player next to it (although we just recently moved the record player to the living room) The record player is from Urban Outfitters.

And that's pretty much it. That's my office.

You don't have to have a whole room to have a home office. You can create a little nook anywhere there's space (your living room, bedroom, dining room) you also don't have to own a lot of things to decorate your space with, Just stick to simplicity and a color palette (whether it's a neutral color palette or a colorful one) All you need is your computer/laptop, a cute pencil holder and a candle. If you want/need a desk lamp and a letter holder and thats it. Go to Home Goods, they have nice affordable office stuff there.

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