How I stay on track with my Routine Notepad

Routine Notepad in Half Letter disc-bound

Hi everyone! It's Nancy. I just wanted to share what my Routine Notepad looked like last week,

I've had these same routines for about 6 months now, just never had them written down. I tried with our old Routine Notepad (you can still purchase them on Etsy under Last Call) but realized that writing in my routines every day was a routine on it's own and just wasn't working for me because I would forget or would get lazy. Which is why we discontinued them and came up with these. Once I started using this format I noticed that it was a lot easier for me to to stick to my routines (for the most part) There are still weeks were I have a lot of these marked with an x because I didn't do them, but using this notepad helps me see a pattern. For example I noticed that its always the same routines that I skip. I also noticed that once Friday hits I stop keeping track of my routines, which helps me better prepare for the following week.

The Routine Notepad is made into 3 sections. The top half says Morning Routine with

M-S going across the page with check boxes. The bottom half says Night Routine with M-S going across the page with check boxes. And the back side of the page is a Notes page. I use the Notes page on the back to write in a reward for myself depending on the amount of routines I completed. I also write in patterns/a weekly reflection to help me towards the following week.

The Routine Notepad that I'm using in this picture is half letter, hole punched in blush pink. I keep it at the beginning of every week in my Louis Vuitton Desk Agenda. When I plan out my month I make sure that this is the page that starts off every week. That way when I plan out my week (every Monday morning) this is the first page that I see and the first thing I fill out. A few weeks back I was using this Routine Notepad in Personal size as a notepad that I kept out on my desk during the day to cross of my morning routines and on my night stand during the evening to cross off the night routines which also seemed to work for me.

I'd love to see/hear how you use yours and what routines you have. Leave us a comment down below or post a picture on Instagram and tag @shopmintedsugar #MintedSugarRoutines

Routine Notepad in Personal size

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and hope you enjoyed it!!